OpenlayerClient.add_baseline_model(project_id, task_type, model_config_file_path=None, force=False)#

Coming soon…

Adds a baseline model to the project.

Baseline models should be added together with training and validation sets. A model will then be trained on the platform using AutoML, using the parameters provided in the model config file.


This feature is experimental and currently under development. Only tabular classification tasks are supported for now.

model_config_file_pathstr, optional

Path to the model configuration YAML file. If not provided, the default model config will be used.

What’s on the model config file?

For baseline models, the content of the YAML file should contain:

  • metadataDict[str, any], default {}

    Dictionary containing metadata about the model. This is the metadata that will be displayed on the Openlayer platform.

forcebool, optional

Whether to force the addition of the baseline model to the project. If set to True, any existing staged baseline model will be overwritten.