class openlayer.OpenlayerClient(api_key=None, verbose=True)#

Client class that interacts with the Openlayer Platform.


Your API key. You can find your workspace API key in your account settings settings page.

verbosebool, default True

Whether to print out success messages to the console. E.g., when data is successfully uploaded, a resource is staged, etc.


Relevant guide: How to find your API keys.

Instantiate a client with your api key:

>>> import openlayer
>>> client = openlayer.OpenlayerClient('YOUR_API_KEY_HERE')


add_baseline_model(project_id, task_type[, ...])

Coming soon...

add_dataframe(dataset_df, task_type[, ...])

Adds a dataset to a project's staging area (from a pandas DataFrame).

add_dataset(file_path, task_type[, ...])

Adds a dataset to a project's staging area (from a csv).

add_model(task_type[, model_config, ...])

Adds a model to a project's staging area.

commit(message, project_id[, force])

Adds a commit message to staged resources.

create_inference_pipeline(project_id, task_type)

Creates an inference pipeline in an Openlayer project.

create_or_load_project(name, task_type[, ...])

Convenience function that either creates or loads a project.

create_project(name, task_type[, description])

Creates a project on the Openlayer platform.

export(destination_dir, project_id, task_type)

Exports the commited resources as a tarfile to the location specified by destination_dir.

load_inference_pipeline(project_id, task_type)

Loads an existing inference pipeline from an Openlayer project.


Loads an existing project from the Openlayer platform.


Loads an existing project version from the Openlayer platform.

publish_batch_data(inference_pipeline_id, ...)

Publishes a batch of production data to the Openlayer platform.

publish_ground_truths(inference_pipeline_id, ...)

Publishes ground truths to the Openlayer platform.

push(project_id, task_type)

Pushes the commited resources to the platform.

restore(*resource_names, project_id)

Removes the resource specified by resource_name from the staging area.


Shows the state of the staging area.

stream_data(inference_pipeline_id, ...[, ...])

Streams production data to the Openlayer platform.

update_data(inference_pipeline_id, df, ...)

Updates data already on the Openlayer platform.

upload_reference_dataframe(...[, ...])

Uploads a reference dataset (a pandas dataframe) to an inference pipeline.

upload_reference_dataset(...[, ...])

Uploads a reference dataset saved as a csv file to an inference pipeline.