Upload models / datasets#

Client constructor#


Client class that interacts with the Openlayer Platform.

Project creation and loading#

OpenlayerClient.create_project(name, task_type)

Creates a project on the Openlayer platform.


Loads an existing project from the Openlayer platform.

OpenlayerClient.create_or_load_project(name, ...)

Helper function that returns a project given a name.

Add models and datasets#


Adds a model to a project's staging area.

OpenlayerClient.add_dataset(file_path, ...)

Adds a dataset to a project's staging area (from a csv).

OpenlayerClient.add_dataframe(dataset_df, ...)

Adds a dataset to a project's staging area (from a pandas DataFrame).

OpenlayerClient.add_baseline_model(...[, ...])

Coming soon...

Version control flow#

OpenlayerClient.commit(message, project_id)

Adds a commit message to staged resources.


Pushes the commited resources to the platform.


Shows the state of the staging area.

OpenlayerClient.restore(*resource_names, ...)

Removes the resource specified by resource_name from the staging area.

OpenlayerClient.export(destination_dir, ...)

Exports the commited resources as a tarfile to the location specified by destination_dir.

Task types#


A selection of machine learning tasks supported by Openlayer.